Pure Aspect – Custom, Artistic Photography

Fine Art

Fine art is art for the sake of art; creating beauty because beauty demands to be created. Much of what people create are pleasing to the experience because art permeates our essence. But these creations also serve other purposes, making them functional art. It is when we set out to create art for the sake of art that our truest aesthetic potential is realized. Pure Aspect is dedicated to creating fine art for the joy of the world. Browse our portfolios, examine our projects and explore our sponsorship journey in order to engage yourself with our aspect of art.

Custom Art

When you see something nice you often wish you could have it. Sadly, the best art is one of a kind and isn’t usually for sale. Well, the photographers from Pure Aspect are willing to work with you to create your own originals. You sponsor a project and we will provide the talent, resources and expertise to help you realize your artistic aspect. Whether you are interested in dramatic portraits, refined images of your antique furniture or respectful pictures of sensitive topics, Pure Aspect has photographers willing to help you create personalized, beautiful art.

Wide Angle Lens
TTL Flash
Three Lenses
Wacom Stylus

Pure Aspect is a coalition of photographers who work together towards common goals. No one is directly employed by Pure Aspect but the group maintains cohesion. To become members of Pure Aspect, photographers must be creative in unique, mature, charismatic and professional in dealing with clients and fellow artists.

Our Projects

When not working to make your dreams come true, Pure Aspect is hard at work on our own internal projects. These projects frequently result in coffee table books, sets of limited prints or collections of stock photography. These projects are driven by the individual visions of of the photographers; Pure Aspect the entity has no set projects or dictated agendas. We are completely driven by our artists.

Your Project

We all would like our own custom art but not all of us have the skills needed to produce it. If you would like to sponsor a project, Pure Aspect can help you. We offer a sponsorship journey that includes creative consulting, custom photography and image post processing (where we can soften skin tone, remove distractions and generally clean up images). Contact us and we can begin laying the foundations for your fine art, personal, project goal.